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Plant Based

Plant Based

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Plant Based

The "Plant Based" meal plan consists of meals that range from 75-275 calories, and come weighed with 2oz of plant protein, 5oz carbs, packed with fresh vegetables / meat alternatives, and are as low as $6.99 per meal. Each portion of each meal is weighed, to ensure accurate macros.

Meal Plans come in increments of 5, 10, 15 and 21 meals per week. Each week, you will receive a link via text which allows you to select your meals for the coming week in just a matter of moments.

At the beginning of each month, you can select your meals up to four weeks in advance.

Should you forget to select your meals, an automatic refill will be prepared for you featuring the most popular meals (within your plan) of the week. 

You have full control over your membership, which means, you can select meals, skip weeks, and more - all from your phone.

*Meal Plans require a 2 week commitment

*All meals are delivered first thing every Monday morning

*Orders (and meal selections) must be placed before 11:59PM Friday, in order to receive meals the coming Monday

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