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March 17, 2020 - Status Update In Regards To COVID-19

As of now - March 17, 2020 - our meal delivery service is fully operational, barring a few changes to help ensure the safety of our amazing community and staff. While the risk of contracting a coronavirus through food has historically been, and is, extremely low - we have further increased our already stringent hygiene standards to include hourly sanitization and hand washing at thirty minute intervals during each part of the meal preparation process.
To further help prevent viral transmission, we will be suspending the practice of hand to hand delivery until further notice. Each delivery will be placed on your doorstep and you will receive a notification of your deliveries arrival via text message only. Even with this practice in place, our delivery drivers will sanitize their hands before and after each and every delivery. 
For the upcoming weeks, our menu will have less options than usual - to ensure our supply of food goes uninterrupted - but the rotations of the meal selections will still take place bi-weekly as scheduled.
We will update the website and our consumers immediately via email should anything change as this situation evolves.
Thank you!

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