Dallas, Fort-Worth

Every Family Deserves
A Nutritious Dinner.

With YOUR Help,
We Have Fed


*Updated Daily

With your help, we have successfully fed 10,000 families in need here in DFW!

Beginning May 1st, for every meal purchased, we donated a home-style meal to a family of four in need. This initiative supports homeless & food insecure families, as well as first responders, impacted by COVID-19 right here in DFW. 

Ways You Can Help


A Meal For A Meal

Get a meal, give a meal.* We will feed four people in need for each and every meal purchase.

*Must Be Within Our Delivery Range
To Order A Family Meal


Sponsor A Meal

100% of your donated dollars are used for food supplies and the distribution of said foods to the families who need them. Absolutely no profit is generated from your donations.



Partner With Us

Have an idea on how we can partner to further the cause? Know of a community in need? Have an idea on how we can be more beneficial? Let us know! 💚

Contact Us
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How It Works

In 2019, 1 in 6 families in the Dallas area reported being food insecure. Given the unprecedented rise in unemployment that has occurred over the last few months due to COVID-19, these numbers are worse than ever. 

That is why we are coming together with other local businesses and non-profits to give back to our community when it needs it most. 100% of every donation goes directly towards feeding families who are food insecure, laid off, or homeless - right here in DFW.

How We Are Reaching
Those In Need

With the help of our amazing partners we are able to raise funds, provide contactless
meal delivery and arrange mass pickup lines to get these meals into the hands of those that need them. 

• North Texas Food Bank
• Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy
• United With Love Outreach
• Southern Roofing Supply
• Southern Star Pharmacy
• St. James COGIC Church 
• BeU Revolution
• Wolmed

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Thank you for helping to feed those in need!

*Map Meals will donate a family meal for every family meal sold, from May 1st, until we feed 10,000 families in DFW.  100% of direct donation dollars go towards feeding families in need. This initiative is administered by Map Meals LLC in conjunction with other local companies & non-profit organizations.

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