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You're In Control

Select Meals, Skip Weeks & More

No commitments, no hassles,
no hurdles.

Once you are signed up for a Map Meals subscription, YOU have full control over everything in regards to your account. You will be able to select your meals, skip weeks while you're on vacation, and even cancel at anytime, all through your smartphone or desktop.* We will even send you a reminder to select your meals each week!

*All changes must be made before your next delivery cutoff window 

Right Before Delivery

Every single Map Meal is made to fulfill the orders going out that evening. This means; you will always receive the freshest, locally sourced meals, created with love - just for you.

Our unique process also allows us to reduce waste by eliminating the need to guesstimate how much food needs to be prepared.

Our meals are never frozen and contain no preservatives, antibiotics, or artificial flavorings.

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Eat With Your
Goals In Mind

Whether you are looking to build muscle, burn fat, or simply need a healthy alternative to your daily fast food escapades, we have you covered! 

Within your chosen diet plan, you'll find breakfast, lunch and dinner options - with all allergens and notables highlighted. Want all breakfast meals? No problem, you are in full control of the quantity and types of meals you order each and every week. 

We now offer Whole30, Paleo, and Keto diet plans as well!

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Meal Plan Options

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Burn Fat

Bye bye excess pounds! This diet plan
will help you burn those last few
stubborn pounds, without having to sacrifice taste and variety.

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It's all about balance. Whether you're looking to maintain your current
physique, or you want to eat healthy
with ease, this is the plan for you.

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Build Muscle

Let's grow! This diet promotes lean
muscle gain, while avoiding the
unwanted fat gain that comes
from eating empty calories.

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Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat diet that puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. This state makes your body far more efficient at burning fat.

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Paleo Diet

Designed to resemble the diet our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate thousands of years ago, this plan is based solely around naturally occurring foods from the Paleolithic era.

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Whole 30

More of a guideline than a diet, Whole30 eliminates potentially problematic food groups - providing self-awareness with regards to how your body responds to food.

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Ready To Make Your Meal Prep Easy?


Happy Stomachs

Alexander Peterson

Google Review

Meal prepping has always been a Sunday night project for me. I would have to set aside 4-5 hours just to get meals for one week out of the way. Map Meals has taken on the challenge and has far exceeded any prepared meals I have made or that I have had anywhere else. Their attention to detail is amazing and they are always so kind and understanding. I wish I could give them more stars! Map Meals makes it easy to be healthy.


Yelp Review

When visiting Dallas, I always make sure to get some meals from Map Meals because they are always so good! They're healthy and make sticking to my nutritional goals so easy. Great amount of seasoning.. they taste like homemade meals compared to the typical meal prep meal and that's because they're hand made and fresh! The Korean ground turkey is my favorite.


Google Review

I started using the service while on maternity leave and have continued to use it with my return to work. Our family got hooked. We absolutely love the convenience of it all and the chefs' ability to accommodate all dietary and nutrition requests, and the meals are absolutely fresh and delicious!! Having weekly prepared meals available in our fridge has taken a ton of stress out of our weekly routine.


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