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How Map Meals Works

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Build your personalized plan around your lifestyle 

Our Chef's Cook

Our chefs prepare and weigh each portion in Plano, TX

Free Delivery

Your meals arrive fresh first thing every Monday morning

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Each of your meals is ready to eat in as little as 90 seconds

Select & Repeat

Select your meals for the coming week from our rotating menu

Free Hand Delivery
& Recycling

Overnight shipping fees are ridiculous! That's why we include  free delivery with each of our meal plans.

But we don't stop there, simply leave your bag and used containers on your doorstep and we will recycle them for you every Monday!


Meals In A Click

Swap your weekly meal choices, or skip a week while you're on vacation in Cancun - all from your smartphone. 

Affordable & Effective

Starting at just $5.99 a meal, maintaining a dietitian curated meal plan specific to your goals, has never been easier.


More Than
Just Meals

There's more to your Map Meals™ plan than just fresh, healthy, meals.

* Coming soon

  • Free Hand Delivery 
  • Free Bag & Container Recycling
  • Skip Weeks, Swap Meals With Ease
  • Rotating Menu (Bi-weekly)
  • 24/7 On Demand Nutrition Advice*
  • Exclusive Partner Discounts*
  • Loyalty Rewards*

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